(Unlike our competitors, we used our own software to produce all the videos on this page!)

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Create videos in 60 seconds!


Turn any article into a high quality video, complete with voice-over audio, in as little as 60 seconds.



700k+ images, vid clips and audio tracks!


Our massive content catalog has over 485,000 images, 115,000 video clips and 100,000 music and audio tracks, allowing you to create videos in virtually any market!



Instantly upload videos to YouTube!


When your video is complete it literally only takes a few clicks to upload it to your YouTube channel.

User Testimonials
  • The search is finally over!

    I own several different video editors as I am a sucker for the shiny new object when it comes to video editors. I love to play with them. I own or have tried most of the ones sold in the last two years. None of them has done everything I would like to see in a video editor so I have kept searching.

    The search is finally over. I have been fortunate enough to beta test Instant Video Wizard for a few days now and it is indeed a real wizard. I have finally found a video editor that does text to speech, allows me to add other videos into the video being produced and provides a rich selection of images to use in the videos. Or allows me to import my own images, which I like.

  • 500 videos in 5 days!

    This is a revelutionary software where you can crank out hundreds of videos a week!

    During beta I hit my goal of 500 videos within 5 days! You dont even need to use the advanced settings if you dont want to!

    Upload your transcript and generate your slides... upload your video to youtube instantly!

    Thank you!

    Corey Morehouse
  • The last video creation tool a marketer will ever need to buy!

    It's an understatement to say "I'm Excited!". This really has to be the #1 video software on the market! IVW is fast and simple to use.

    The multi-language capability, diversity of accents, wide selection of backgrounds and ability to integrate video footage make this one versatile video creation tool.

    With your constant upgrades, this could be the last video creation tool a marketer will ever need to buy.

    Gifford Nelson
  • Never seen anything like it!

    I have never seen or used video making software any where as good as IVW. It is without doubt far ahead of anything in the same market. Its a no brainer when it comes to what you can do with it to make money with the software.

    CEO/Schmo Marketing
  • Amazed at the speed!

    I have been using IVW to create a few videos and am amazed at the speed with which you can create quality videos with great voice-overs. Everything just works with a few minor tweaks I was able to knock out videos within 30min.

    I have tried many video creation tools in the past and found them to be cumbersome or they did not live up to the hype. Guess what they are gathering cyber dusk with a big hole in my pocket.

    This tool is easy, it's flexible and quick and I don't have to talk. I can easily see myself creating 2 to 3 product review videos a week.

    Gin Kahlon
  • I rely on it for all my video needs!

    I spent a lot of hours playing around with Instant Video Wizard over the last few days. The bad news is I'm my own worst enemy; everything has to be just right... just the way I want it.

    The good news is IVW has no problem complying with my demands. In fact, the output is better than what I envisioned. Imagine that.

    The time it takes to edit slides is minimal. Selecting from the various layouts is a breeze. You just click on the slide you want to change then click on the layout you want and it's done.

    I generally avoid text-to-speech programs because they all sound tinny and robotic. But not Joey. I'm convinced it's the best text-to-speech program ever!

    There are a gazillion audio files to choose from. I finally settled on music appropriate to my video. Didn't much care about how long it was as I was expecting to spend hours manipulating the file to sync to the video. Since it's not my forte I was dreading it.

    I added the audio and, to my amazement, when I previewed the video, the music and the video ended simultaneously. The music faded out appropriately. You could have knocked me over with a feather... and I was thrilled!

    I love Instant Video Wizard and will rely on it for all my video needs.

  • Instant Video Wizard is "great fun"!

    I have had great fun using InstantVideoWizard. It would be fair to say that I have not used video much in the past, even though I followed an online tutorial for the major provider for nearly a year, I just found it too complicated and I never got a single video up online with it. BUT, with IVW, I have created 15 videos so far.

    One of the webpages on which I put one of the first videos I made has had an estimated 25% increase in visitors since I put it up and there has been an increase in the amount of adsense income from that site also.

    I can see that this tool has enormous potential, it is easy to use, has lots of options, but is not complex and it makes it really simple to upload to Youtube.

  • "Video Marketing is a breeze with" Instant Video Wizard!

    I never had any videos on my own youtube channel because I assumed as a marketer, I would have to stick to what I know because of time constraints. But with IVW, the videos pop out so quickly that limited time ISN'T an issue.

    Video marketing is a breeze with this creation tool. There are plenty of voice overs to select from, or you can use your own voice. I personally use both so I can have a variety. There is great fun creating these videos, and I get so caught up making them that I have to make myself stop! Another awesome tool Jon, thanks!

  • Instant Video Wizard 'knocks it out of the park'!

    I have been using Jon's software for at least 7 years and have always been more than satisfied. He goes above and beyond, to deliver a quality product and with Instant Video Wizard he has gone over the top.

    The program is easy to use (Instant), has a wealth of content available (Video) and you do not have to be a video expert (Wizard) to use it. So yes I'd have to say it does live up to it's name!

    The combination of extensive features and the availability of all the content (video, music, images) makes this a top notch state of the art video creation tool that lives up to the Instant part of it's name.

    While there are so many features under the hood, it can take time to get a grip on where all the knobs and sliders are located in order to experience all the power this program has to offer. The cool thing is that the ease of use does not require you to know about all the bells and whistles to start creating your own videos.

    Jon has knocked another one out of the park, a Grand Slam.

    Mark Johnson
  • Instant Video Wizard is a solution to your video creation woes!

    Intuitive, "out of the box" is often a trite statement but when talking about Instant Video Wizard it is a fact. Creating several dozen videos in multiple niches has proven IVW is a winner.

    Do you find you are frustrated after using multiple video creation tools and being disgusted with the time sucking learning curve.

    Instant Video Wizard is a solution to your video creation woes.

    Literally, after a 6-minute introduction video you will be able to create incredible unique videos "out of the box" the "Big G" absolutely adores.

    Desire to kick it up a notch and make a few tweaks. Great, simply watch the complete 30-minute walk through tutorial, and you are a Pro.

    Your new "channels" are amazing!

    Steve Melton

You need to establish yourself with video now or your competitors will leave you in the digital dust.

With over ONE BILLION hours of video watched each day on YouTube alone, and 70% of all online traffic expected to come from video in the next few years, you cannot afford to get left behind!

Check out these AMAZING examples!

These examples were created in just a few minutes each. That's the incredible advantage of Instant Video Wizard over other video production software. Ultra high quality results in a fraction of the time.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have a full 30 days to try out InstantVideoWizard and see that everything we've said about it is true. If for any reason within that time you decide it's not for you, simply put in a support ticket before the 30 days is up asking for a refund. We'll refund your purchase -- no questions asked.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee!

Instant Video Wizard

Finally! Professional video production without the learning curve.
(or the expense)

Our competition (if you can call them that) is charging more than TWICE as much as we do and barely offers HALF the features!

Become a video WIZARD in minutes!


Use the videos yourself or sell them to clients.
Either way, you're only a few clicks away from profitability!

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