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“I own several different video editors as I am a sucker for the shiny new object when it comes to video editors. I love to play with them. I own or have tried most of the ones sold in the last two years. None of them has done everything I would like to see in a video editor so I have kept searching.

The search is finally over. I have been fortunate enough to beta test Instant Video Wizard for a few days now and it is indeed a real wizard. I have finally found a video editor that does text to speech, allows me to add other videos into the video being produced and provides a rich selection of images to use in the videos. Or allows me to import my own images, which I like.”

Why Do People LOVE Instant Video Wizard?

Here are just a few reason:

INSTANT Rankings & Traffic!

Not only does Instant Video Wizard allow you to upload to YouTube with the click of a button, it also schedules LIVE events for you in YouTube that can acheive top 10 rankings in Google and YouTube in MINUTES!

It's a HUGE Time Saver

Other video creators are either fast and very limited, or slow and flexible. With Instant Video Wizard you get both flexibility with speed!

Either write your own script, or convert any article into a video in as little as 60 seconds. We also provide you with a database of 132,000+ articles that you're free to modify (or use as-is) and convert into videos. Hundreds of categories are covered by our database!

It's a HUGE Money Saver

With thousands of images and video clips and a huge selection of music tracks for you to use -- all royalty-free -- there's virtually no market that can't be promoted with Instant Video Wizard and there are no licensing fees for you to cover!

It's Powerful & Flexible!

As quick and easy as IVW is, you'll be amazed at how many powerful features it contains. Beautiful frames, amazing slide animations, special effects and more. Most video software come with heavy restrictions.

IVW, however, allows you to customize as little, or as much, of your video as you like! Produce a great video in as little as 60 seconds, or an AMAZING video in as little as 5 minutes.

It Creates Video for Multiple Traffic Source

IVW allows you to create videos for a wide range of platforms with formats that suite Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and more. You have three formats to choose from: normal landscape, square and the Facebook header video format.

Done-For-You Templates

IVW comes pre-loaded with dozens of video templates that you can use in any way you like. Templates allow you to create good looking videos very quickly. Grab a template, change as much, or as little as you like, and download it. It's that easy!

Make Money Creating Videos for Others!

We know that many of our users use IVW to make money from selling their videos. Our competitors charge "an arm and a leg" if you want to do that with their software. We don't charge an arm or a leg! You can create as many videos as you like with IVW, with no restrictions, and sell your videos for no additional fee! All IVW customers get an agency license included w/ their order.

Pro video creation w/o the learning curve (or the expense).

"25% increase in visitors"

“I have had great fun using Instant Video Wizard.

It would be fair to say that I have not used video much in the past, ... I just found it too complicated and I never got a single video up online with it. BUT, with IVW, I have created 15 videos so far.

One of the webpages on which I put one of the first videos I made has had an estimated 25% increase in visitors since I put it up and there has been an increase in the amount of adsense income from that site also.

I can see that this tool has enormous potential, it is easy to use, has lots of options, but is not complex and it makes it really simple to upload to Youtube.”

"I rely on it ..."

“Intuitive, 'out of the box' is often a trite statement but when talking about Instant Video Wizard it is a fact. Creating several dozen videos in multiple niches has proven IVW is a winner. Do you find you are frustrated after using multiple video creation tools and being disgusted with the time sucking learning curve? Instant Video Wizard is a solution to your video creation woes.

Literally, after a 6-minute introduction video you will be able to create incredible unique videos "out of the box" the "Big G" absolutely adores.

Desire to kick it up a notch and make a few tweaks. Great, simply watch the complete 30-minute walk through tutorial, and you are a Pro. Your new "channels" are amazing!”

"Video Marketing is a breeze with [IVW]!"

“I never had any videos on my own youtube channel because I assumed as a marketer, I would have to stick to what I know because of time constraints. But with IVW, the videos pop out so quickly that limited time ISN'T an issue.

Video marketing is a breeze with this creation tool. There are plenty of voice overs to select from, or you can use your own voice. I personally use both so I can have a variety. There is great fun creating these videos, and I get so caught up making them that I have to make myself stop! Another awesome tool Jon, thanks!”

"[IVW] 'knocks it out of the park'!"

“I have been using Jon's software for at least 7 years ... He goes above and beyond ... with Instant Video Wizard he has gone over the top. The program is easy to use (Instant), has a wealth of content available (Video) and you do not have to be a video expert (Wizard) to use it ... The combination of extensive features and the availability of all the content (video, music, images) makes this a top notch state of the art video creation tool that lives up to the Instant part of it's name.

The cool thing is that the ease of use does not require you to know about all the bells and whistles to start creating your own videos.”

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